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Fiji reopens borders to overseas tourists******


Traditional dancers in grass skirts welcome international holidaymakers in Nadi, Fiji, yesterday.。

Grass-skirted traditional dancers welcomed holidaymakers back to Fiji yesterday, as the South Pacific nation opened its borders to international travelers for the first time since the pandemic began.。

Fiji Airways flight FJ914 from Sydney touched down at Nadi airport at 11:40am, ending 615 days of international isolation for the tourism-dependent economy.。

As the plane taxied down the runway, two fire engines lined up and aimed their hoses in the air to honor it with a water salute.。

Face coverings obscured the beaming smiles as travelers, some carrying surfboards, made their way through the terminal but cries of "bula" (hello) and Indigenous songs of celebration reverberated around the building.。

Australian couple Matthew Brickwood and Danielle Connelly were the first of the 200-plus passengers to clear customs. "Ever since we heard Fiji was opening for its first flight, we decided to just head here," Brickwood said.。

Fiji Airways chief executive Andre Viljoen said it was a "momentous" occasion after a tough 20 months for the tropical bucket-list destination, where tourism accounts for about 40 percent of the economy.。

"The international border reopening will reignite Fiji's economy," he told reporters.。

Viljoen said strict health measures were in place to contain COVID-19 and the recent emergence of the Omicron variant had not deterred passengers. "Flights are coming in at full capacity," he said.。

Fiji has tightened restrictions on arrivals from southern Africa but made no changes to rules surrounding "travel partner" countries, whose citizens can now experience a tropical getaway in the Pacific idyll.。

They include New Zealand, the United States and France, as well as countries where Omicron has been detected like Japan, Australia, Canada and Britain.。

Tourism Fiji chief executive Brent Hill said resorts on the two main islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu were gearing up for an influx of foreign travelers.。

"We've noted around 75,000 bookings for the next couple of months, which is outstanding," he said.。

Foreign visitors need to be fully vaccinated and test negative for COVID-19 prior to departure, as well as providing a 14-day travel history to ensure they have not visited virus hotspots.。

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  华商报记者 任婷


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  告知书要求,考试所需的证件和资料包括:(一)身份证;(二)准考证;(三)《近14天健康监测记录表》;(四)《2021年医师资格考试医学综合考试考生承诺书》;(五)48小时内的核酸阴性纸质证明;(六)出示“西安一码通”和“通信行程卡”。华商报记者 李琳



Mainz shock struggling Augsburg 4******

BERLIN, Oct. 22 (Xinhua) -- Mainz showed no mercy with Augsburg and paved the way for the win with three goals within 26 minutes to secure all three points on home soil at the opener of the 9th round in Bundesliga on Friday.

The hosts wasted no time and took the reins with the kick-off as Jonathan Burkardt forced Augsburg goalkeeper Rafal Gikiewicz into action with only two minutes gone.

Mainz completed their perfect start into the game with 10 minutes played when Karim Onisiwo benefitted on Robert Gumny's missed clearance before tapping the ball past hapless Giekiewicz.

Augsburg was shocked and couldn't respond whereas Mainz poured forward and doubled its advantage five minutes later when Burkardt's good build-up work and pass allowed Stefan Bell to slot home right footed from inside the box.

The "Fuggerstadter" couldn't put up some resistance and had to swallow another goal from Mainz as Onisiwo's pinpoint cross to the far point found Burkardt, who made it three by header in the 26th minute.

Mainz continued relentless and should have made it four ten minutes later but for all that unmarked Onisiwo couldn't beat Giekiewicz from very close range.

Just before the half time, Giekiewicz prevented a higher deficit for his squad again after neutralizing Burkardt's dangerous ball from inside the area.

After the restart, Augsburg assumed control as Mainz seemed content with its three-goal lead. Still, the visitors had to wait until the 69th minute before Andi Zeqiri finished off Andre Hahn's through ball to make it 3-1 on the scoreboards.

It was a short-lived joy for Augsburg though as Mainz remained unimpressed and restored its three-goal lead only two minutes later when Onisiwo teed up for Burkardt, who snatched his brace and killed the game in the 71st minute.

With the result, Mainz return to winning ways and secure and climb on the 6th spot meanwhile Augsburg suffered its 5th defeat and stay on the 16th place.

"I am satisfied with the performance in the first half. After the break we eased off for good 20 minutes. I did not like that, but I saw a lot of positive things today," said Mainz head coach Bo Svensson.

"What can I say. We staged a poor performance and Mainz dominated us. They are not Bayern, but they still did what they wanted with us. If we continue to play like this, we will relegate, and every team member needs to know this" said Augsburg goalkeeper Gikiewicz.

The following fixtures are scheduled for Saturday: Bundesliga leaders Bayern Munich host Hoffenheim, Arminia Bielefeld encounter runner-up Borussia Dortmund, Wolfsburg clash with Freiburg, Leipzig see newly promoted Greuther Furth and Hertha Berlin face Borussia Monchengladbach. Enditem






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